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        Commercial Services

        Pre Wire

        Like a custom home many commercial applications require extensive low voltage wiring. Wineries, insurance agencies, medical facilities, packing plants and retail sales buildings all have specific needs in the low voltage arena. We offer wiring for audio, security, network, data, voice, CCTV, POS, and a multitude of others. Let us help guide you in those decisions and find the lines between necessity, planned growth, and excess.

        Board, Conference, and Training Rooms

        These days a well designed presentation room is a must and most times an integral part of doing business. An intimate board room with a bright and clear presentation system, a larger conference room with network and conferencing access, or a larger still training facility with audio reinforcement so the presenter can be heard by all. Rooms from ten to a thousand can be achieved depending on your needs and uses.

        Audio Systems

        Back ground music for a retail space, doctors office, or even a winery can set your customers at ease and make their experience more enjoyable. We offer a variety of audio systems for commercial needs including sound reinforcement for Houses of Worship.

        Network and Telephone

        Often referred to as data and voice, the requirements and lengths of cable runs can be extensive. When reliability is a must we can help you through all the noise and steer you in the right direction. Cat5e, Cat6, iT racks, patch panels, and punch down blocks, we know them all.

        Closed Circuit Television “CCTV” and Video Surveillance

        Some camera systems are small and quite simple. Perhaps you only need to watch some common areas and four cameras with a small digital video recording device (DVR) will suffice. Maybe it’s alot more involved and you need 32 cameras with network access to your system. Whatever your needs we strive to make it your reality