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        Custom Home Services

        Pre Wire/Pre Plum

        Low Voltage Pre Wiring encompasses so many different systems in your home today. Whole House Audio, Surround Sound Rooms, Cable and Satellite Television, Telephone, Network, Security, Central Vacuum, Lighting Control, and the list goes on. Today’s systems are becoming more and more advanced and the days of the homeowner or the electrician dropping in a phone line or stringing a tv cable are long gone. Now there are structured low voltage panels in media closets for easier termination of the different systems as well as for the expandability. Not to mention the all licensing required to perform these services.

        Whole House Audio “WHA”

        This is fun stuff. From just listening to the radio out on the patio to being able to access your complete music library off your computer, Pandora, and limitless internet radio stations all from your iPhone or iPad. ‘Times they are a changin’ says it best. The ‘old school’ rotary volume knobs, the in wall digital LCD keypads, meta data streaming to each location, multiple sources in multiple zones, hand held devices for complete control. The fun truly never stops.

        Russound / Sonos

        Surround Sound Rooms “SSR”

        The dedicated theater room is always an exciting undertaking. Large drop down video screens with very high contrast projectors. Audio processors, amplifiers, speakers, and don’t forget the subwoofers. All combine to pull you into your extremely comfortable chair, and even better, to draw you into the action of the movie. You are there, living, and loving every moment of it !

        Epson / JVC pro / DaLite / Harman / Polk / JBL

        Flat Panel Televisions

        This is how we meet so many of our new customers. Flat panel television costs have dropped dramatically since their release a few short years ago and therefore have become accessible to most everyone. We do the installations for a number of big box, membership club, specialty electronics stores, as well as our own. Homeowners want the custom look of a flat panel television “floating” on the wall or above the fireplace. We always try to exceed their expectations in providing this service.

        Samsung / Toshiba

        Security Systems

        Whether wired or not security systems have become a lot more affordable in the last few years. Wireless technologies have exploded on the scene with a higher reliability, longer range, and lower cost than ever before. Wired system sensors have dropped in cost and have brought along new designs and easier to use pieces.

        DSC link

        Central Vacuum Systems

        After the pre-plum for central vac you need to pick a trim color for the vacuum hose inlets and vac pans, as well as an appropriate motor for your application. In most cases the hose inlets will be the same color as your electrical outlets and switches. The van pan colors are chosen on what matches best with your flooring and cabinet colors. Motors sizes and designs vary but are usually based on square footage of the home or number of inlets that are plumbed.

        NuTone / Dirt Devil