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        Video Systems

        Mobile Video is the drivers best friend with all the advancements in mobile electronics. If you’re ready to take your mobile electronics to the next level, installing a customized video system from Traffic Jams is your best solution. Popular for keeping ?your passengers entertained during long road trips, as well as showing off to your friends and neighbors, mobile video is the perfect addition to any vehicle. At Traffic Jams, we’re ready to outfit your vehicle with whatever mobile video setup is right for you. We offer Drop down video (from the roof in varying sizes with or without built in DVD players), Replacement headrests (with monitors and DVD players in them or not) custom or universal fit. So whether you spend a significant amount of time in the car traveling for family or sporting events and you have the calmest or the wildest children treat them to a movie or video game on your new mobile video system, specific to your vehicle and needs. ?At Traffic Jams, our installation specialist are equipped to meet your installation needs. If one of your children or friends is a video game fanatic, you can add a DC to AC power converter to power your favorite home video game console so it can be played in your vehicle on the go. Most systems offer auxiliary inputs for video camera,USB,SD card or even iPod video playback. All systems are eligible for audio out to wireless headphones(No Chocking hazard here) or possibly interfaced to your in dash audio system so even the captain and co-pilot can listen to what is now playing in the rear entertainment system. Most systems have wireless remote controls ,for added safety,so no one has to unbuckle to control the system. At Traffic Jams, the possibilities for mobile video are endless.

        Because we value the wide selection of car video options that we have available, we want to make sure you enjoy them to their fullest capacity. At Traffic Jams, we offer professional, customizable installation to ensure you get the most out of your new mobile video system. Not only will our expert installers do a quality job, but it will also guarantee a clean, seamless appearance .We will make sure the installation is 100% customized to suit your tastes and preferences. Our competence and efficiency also guarantee that you’ll get a job well done, no matter what. Traffic Jams is one of the most highly regarded installation companies in the area. Visit us today to see why!