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        GPS & Navigation

        GPS / Navigation Systems

        Navigation systems can be operated via voice, touch, or remote control. The interface is designed with you in mind. Simple menus and useful features make navigating easy.

        Varied and Intuitive Search Methods

        It all starts with a simple press of Where To? on the touch screen. From there, you can search for a location by entering the address, points of interest, phone number, favorites, recent history, etc. There are subcategories for points of interest such as restaurant, transportation, accommodations, shopping, gasoline stations, and locationname that can be entered. Once your destination is found, simply touch Go! to begin navigation.

        Multi Route Review

        The Multi Route Review function uses three parameters: Faster Time, Shorter Distance, and Less Fuel to “intelligently” calculate the optimum route, enabling users to reach their destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

        Any navigation system can steer you in the right direction and get you from point A to point B. But what if you could do more? Contact us for the right navigation solution for you.