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        Convenience & Security

        Convenience and Security Systems

        You can have just the basic convenience of locking and unlocking your vehicle or step up the convenience to open any power opening IE. Trunk, lift gate, power windows or slider doors.

        The convenience does not have to stop at opening parts of your vehicle you can also start the vehicle from as little as 800 feet away or up to across the continent, as long as you and your vehicle are in a cellular covered area and you have a Smart Phone with an annual contract for the particular service that you want.

        Now we can package any of the listed convenience features with a basic security system ?or the most elaborate system based of the capabilities that you require.

        The base features of all of our security systems are ignition disable and a basic shock sensor.

        From there we tie to existing ?door pin switches or add them as needed to protect the vehicle.

        Additional blankets of security may be applied such as additional shock sensors to protect the bed of a pick-up truck, a glass break sensor capable to sense the glass shatter frequency or the frequency of metal on glass.