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        Car Audio

        Are you a music lover looking for better quality car audio sound? Or do you want to make a bold statement by adding some bass? Your car audio system can say a lot about you, and we want to make sure you send the right message. No matter what your preferences in music or its sound, Traffic Jams has everything you need to match you with your ideal car stereo system. Serving the Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon area for over 20 years, we have a wide variety of car audio electronics sure to meet your needs. A full-service mobile electronics provider, we not only help you with your selection, but we also perform clean, expert installations. If you’re ready to add something to your existing car audio experience or overhaul your entire system, call Traffic Jams now.

        At Traffic Jams, our custom installation always guarantees clear, crisp audio, no matter what the volume. You can choose from our wide selection of mobile audio components, including state of the art in dash radios, conventional speakers, amplifiers, sub woofers, and a variety of separates (mid-range and tweeter combination s). Our state-of-the-art car audio systems can incorporate several options, including i-Pod, Blue tooth, DVD’s, Navigation, Back up cameras, USB, Video and Auxiliary input features. Most of our systems are compatible with regular CD’s, and those encoded with WMA ,MP3 files,and we even have Sirius XM and HD radio options available. With this many choices, we know you’ll find the car audio system you’ve been looking for.

        When you meet with the Traffic Jams professionals, we can fully customize your system to meet your individual vehicle, tastes, and listening preferences. We specialize in custom installation, so we’ll make sure you get the exact sound and appearance that you want. Whether you want your car audio electronics to blend in with the vehicle, or you’d like it to be the most impressive mobile audio set-up , we can install your car audio system just the way you want. Whatever you want, we can do it.
        Come in today to check out your options! Because we believe in customer service as well as quality workmanship above all else, we look forward to being your partner in a great experience.